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RSSNews released

Download it at Miranda's file listing.


RSSNews beta1 released

What's new since - Compatibility with Unicode messaging plugins.


RSSNews next step: compatibility with any Unicode messaging plugin

RSSNews will save messages in database like MSN plugin does (save messages twice: ANSI and Unicode versions). So you will be able to use any Unicode messaging plugin (SRMM Unicode, for example). Development is going very slow because I'm very busy at the moment. I'm getting a new job and maybe I'll have to move to USA.


Crashes with Popup plugin

If you are experiencing crashes with RSSNews, please try to disable the Popup plugin. Some versions of Popup plugin have buffer overflows.


RSSNews released

Download it here: http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=409


IEView, HTML and bbCode (how to see images, bold, italic, etc.)

IEView plugin supports some bbCodes, so why not to take advantage of this feature? Load your favourite Database Editor. Go to "Current user/RSSNews" module and create a new BYTE setting called "ReplaceHTMLByBbcode". Set its value to 1. RSSNews will replace some HTML tags with the equivalent bbCode. For example, <img src="me.jpg"> will be replaced by [img]me.jpg[/img]. You will need RSSNews beta3.


RSSNews beta3 released

- Fix: a ISO 8859-1 character entity was not replaced (&otilde;).
- Optimizations.


RSSNews beta2 released

What's new since beta1:

- Just small fixes and optimizations in utf8 encoding/decoding when importing/exporting feeds.


RSSNews beta1 released

What's new since

- All OPML files created by Export feature are now UTF-8 encoded.
- Now Import feature supports encoded OPML files.
- New: handle feed links (feed://).
It needs some configuration to work in Opera 8. Start Opera and Miranda IM with RSSNews plugin enabled. In Opera, go to Tools menu / Preferences / Advanced / Programs / Add. Type "feed" in protocol field, and select "Open with default application".


RSSNews released

Donwload it at miranda file listing.


Last chance to ask for new features before RSSNews release

If you want a new feature in RSSNews or even found bugs, please send an email to me. The version will be released one day after Miranda IM 0.4. I already added a main menu item to add new feeds, so you don't need to ask for it. :-)


RSSNews_Popup addon released

What's new since

- New option: Enable/disable popups individually for each feed (right click in the feed contact). Feeds with popup disabled will have the normal behaviour: show news in the message dialog.
- Translation: new strings.

Too drunk to write more.


RSSNews beta4

More fixes for RSSNews. If you have feeds using SSL/TLS (like gmail), update is highly recommended.

What's new since beta3:

- Fix: possible memory access violation when building headers for SSL connection.


Third RSSNews beta

What's new since beta2:

- New minimum requirement: Miranda IM or above.
- Improvements in proxy support when connecting via SSL.
- Fix: NULLify timers to avoid double KillTimer() calls.
- Small improvements in XML parsing.


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